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Muslim boy names

Muslim Boy Baby Name with Meanings. Alphabetical list of Boy names for Muslim babies. Choose an Islamic/Muslim baby name from the list of Boy baby names.

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Name Gender Meaning Favorites
ZaydBoyIn abundance, plentiful.
ZebadiyahBoyAllah's gift.
ZeeshanBoy A high standard.
Ziad, ZiyadBoySuper abundance
ZiaudBoySplendor, light.
ZidanBoy Growth and Progress
ZohairBoyBest friend of the last prophet (S.A.W).
ZubairBoyProper Name.
Zubair, ZubayrBoyStrong, powerful, smart
ZubayrBoyIt's a proper name, a Sahabas' name and the youngest fighter in Al Islam.
ZuehbBoyClever Minded.
ZufarBoyName of Imam Abu Hanifah's disciple.
Zuhair, ZuhayrBoyBright, having flowers
ZuhoorBoyAppearance, Manifestation.
ZulaymBoyA narrator of Hadith.
ZulfaqarBoySword that the Prophet (S.A.W) gave to Sayyidina Ali.
ZulfiqarBoySword name of Hazart Ali.
ZunnoonBoyAppellation of Prophet Yunus (A.S).
ZutiBoyName of the grandfather of Imam Abu Hanifah.