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Why Muslim Need a Good Name

Why Muslim Need a Good Name

Tasmiyah (Naming The Child)


It is from the teachings of the Messenger of Allah, that each member of the family be given a good name. Those who ask Allah to give them children should also ask Allah to make these children among the followers of the Prophet Muhammad and adherents to his Sunnah. It is an obligation upon the parents that their child be given a good name. Some Ahadeeth indicate that the child is to be named on the seventh day along with Aqeeqah. However, the Prophet also named children on the day of their birth, as proven by other narrations. There is no harm if the child is named before the seventh day, but if the naming has not been done, and then the child should be named on the seventh day.

Naming a child with a beautiful and honourable name is very important. The Prophet always chose names with good and beautiful meanings, even telling people to change their names if they had unpleasant meanings.

Narrated by Abu Musa (RA)" a son was born to me and I took him to the Prophet who named him Ibrahim, did tahneek for him with a date, invoked Allah's blessing upon him and returned him to me.
 Sahih Bukhari 7:376Ibn Umar (RA) reported that Allah's Messenger said that "the names dearest to Allah are Abdullah and Abdur-Rahman."
 Sahih Muslim 3:5315Abu Wahab al-Jushamee (RA) who was the Companion of the Prophet reported him as saying", call yourselves by the names of the Prophets. The names dearest to Allah are Abdulla and Abdur Rahman, the truest are Harith (ploughman) and Hammam (energetic) and the worst are Harb (war) and Murrah (bitter)".
 Sunan Abu Dawood 3: 4140Narrated Abu Hurayrah (RA). Allah's Apostle said, "the most awful name in Allah's sight on the Day of Resurrection will be that of a man calling himself Malik Al-Amlaak. (king of kings)".
 Sahih Bukhari 8:224.Ibn Umar (RA) reported that Allah's Messenger changed the name of Aasiyah (disobedient) and said "You are Jameelah (good and beautiful).
 Sahih Muslim 3:5332 & 4747

 (This name should not to be confused with Asiya, the Muslim wife of the Pharaoh)… see Islamic glossary

Usaman Ibn Akhdari (RA) said, a man called Asram (harsh, severe, cut off) was among those who came to the Apostle of Allah. The Apostle of Allah said "what is your name?" he replied "Asram" He said "no, you are Zu'rah". (which means, has been taken or derived from crop, or to sow seed).
 Sunan Abu Dawood 3:4144