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One with strong Imaan. Also a Sahabi , one of the early muslims, son of Yasir and Sumaya Rad.

Long of age.

Builder, constructor


Life. A famous companion had this name, Amr ibn al-Aas who conquered Egypt; also Ibn al-Ala called Zabban, was one of the seven readers of the Quran and an eminent Scholar.

Old Arabic name

Turns towards Allah, Handsome

Very sociable; name of one of the Prophets companions

The freed slave of the Prophet had this name.


Intimate, friendly.


Close friend

Concern, Loving


Supporters, defenders, upholders, advocates

Heroic; name of an Arab folk hero

Light, glow, gleam.

Radiant, full of light

Wise, Intelligent There have been several prominent men with this name; Abu Aqeel was a transcriber of the Quran; ibn abu Talib was one of Abu Talibs Family; Ibn Bilal was a granson of the poet Jarir.


Nick name of Muhammed Nabi (s)

Old Arabic name


Skillful, Adroit.


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