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(Persian) A young, planet, pleased, happy, prosperous.

Latent, hidden, secret,

Dawn, morning, early day.

Tall, dominant

Nijat or Nejat is the Persian and Urdu pronunciation of the Arabic word Najat, which means salvation, success, to be saved.


Niknam is a Persian name for boys that means one who has a good name, one who has a virtuous name, figuratively meaning respected, highly regarded.

Nikrouz is a Persian name for boys that means one whose day is blessed, figuratively meaning blessed, fortunate.

Nikzad is a Persian name for boys that means well-born, virtuous-born, a person who is born in a good and virtuous family and is thus good and virtuous himself.


Blessing of Allah.

Gods blessings, Gods bounties, the good things that God bestows upon humans.


Assyrian king

Throwing, dispersion, scattering, sacrifice

Nisbat is the Turkish form of the Arabic name Nisbah which means relationship, connection, harmony, proportion.

Relative, comparative, proportional.


Liveliness, energy, joy


Nismat is the Turkish form of the Arabic name Nismah which means soft breeze.

Fruit, product, profit, the result of something.


Dedication, Offering.

Niyazi is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means beloved, desired. It is also the name of an Afghan clan.

A listener

Striving, contest, competition, battle.


Discipline of the religion (Islam).

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