Muslim Boy Names Start With N

Comprehensive List of Unique and Beautiful Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With N. Showing 301 to 325 of 386 names

The organization of the king

Organization, arrangement.

Of or relating to Nizam.

Nizamuddin is an Arabic name for boys that means system of the faith, organization of the faith, a person who brings organization and orderliness to Islam and the Muslims.

Old Arabic name



Nobakht is a Persian name for boys that means young fortune, new fortune, young blessing, new blessing, meaning one who is young and fortunate or blessed, or a fortune or blessing that is new.

Blessing, donation.

Newly bloomed, arising.

Men with all blessings of Allah.

Blessed, Crown

Name of Prophet.

Attribute of Allah.

Brightness Of The Faith

Light of the world

Light of Islam, Noor (light), ul (the), Islam

Light of the era.

Light of Ali.

Light of Islam, Light of the religion, Noor (light), Din (Religion)

Light of vision.

Light of the eye

Light of the Truth i.e. Allah.

Light of Allah.

Light of the era.

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