Muslim Girl Names Starting with R: Meaningful Islamic Names for Baby Girls

Explore a wide range of Muslim girl names starting with the letter R. Discover meaningful choices rooted in Islamic heritage, each with unique meanings and cultural significance. Find the perfect name that embodies your values and faith, creating a beautiful identity for your baby girl. Showing 91 to 120 of 195 names

Pure, Clean

Resembling a young gazelle


Light clean,safety

Sated with drink


One who is calm.


Sensibility and respect

Content, Satisfied.

A happy and chosen soul

Wishes,Mountain (Madeena)

In God's favor, contentment satisfaction

Devotee of Allah,Bringer of Hope


Beautiful Gazelle.

White antalope.

Rain drops.

A handfull of sweet basil.


Good News.


Golden Silk, Expensive.


Sweet smelling flower of paradise.

Lovely, Flower

Lovely, Flower

Favored by God

Contentment, Islam

Virtuous,Pure love

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