Muslim Girl Names Start With s

Coprehensive list of Muslim baby girl names beginning with the alphabet s. Showing 276 to 300 of 314 names

She was a narrator of Hadith.

A person who follows Sufism - Clean heart


Name of a star

Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing

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Proper name

Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing.

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Proper name.


Charming, likable

Calm, Quietude.



Diminutive of Samra


Name of a lady companion of the Prophet — the first martyr in Islam

She was a narrator of Hadith.



She was a companion.

Matyr of Islam. Sumayyah bint Khayyat سمية بنت خياطّ‎‎ was the first member of the Ummah of Muhammad (SAWA) to become a shahidah (شـهـيـدة)

Frail, Delicate.

Morning Star.

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