Muslim Girl Names Start With s

Coprehensive list of Muslim baby girl names beginning with the alphabet s. Showing 361 to 387 of 387 names

Name of a lady companion of the Prophet — the first martyr in Islam

She was a narrator of Hadith.



She was a companion.

Matyr of Islam. Sumayyah bint Khayyat سمية بنت خياطّ‎‎ was the first member of the Ummah of Muhammad (SAWA) to become a shahidah (شـهـيـدة)

Name of Sahabiyaat

Frail, Delicate.

Morning Star.

Fruit, Gifts.

The first lady who obtained shahadat in Islam.

First martyr of Islam.

Name of an Arab girl (FH).

Fruit, summer fruit.

Name of Sahabiyaat

Spikes of grain

Dress of heaven.

Silk brocade

Sunshine, brightness.

to travel by night



Name of Sahabiyaat

She was a narrator of Hadith.

Little one.

Treasure, Gift of God

Treasure, Beauty

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