Muslim Baby Names: Meaningful Islamic Names for Boys and Girls

Explore our extensive collection of Muslim baby names for boys and girls, carefully selected to reflect the rich Islamic heritage and spiritual significance. Showing 6211 to 6240 of 6435 names

One who is bright-faced like an angel

One who is fearless and adventurous

Ocean, Faith


Lovely flower, Black pearl

Nice, graceful, humorous

One who is successful, moves with grace

Beauty, smart.

Shining light

Beauty and light.

One who is elegant

A captivating beauty

Full of life

Lovely and precious gold.

One who is as precious as gold



She was a narrator of Hadith.

A great muslim warrior.


One who is made up of golden stars

Seeker of good health

Seeker of good health, Determined

To be alive

Full of life and high spirited


Sunset, Flag bearer

Slim Beauty

Something beautiful.


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