Muslim Baby Names: Meaningful Islamic Names for Boys and Girls

Explore our extensive collection of Muslim baby names for boys and girls, carefully selected to reflect the rich Islamic heritage and spiritual significance. Showing 6301 to 6330 of 6435 names

Splendor, light.

Leading light of faith or religion

True light of the world

Light of the most gracious Allah

One who is dignified and honest

Shield of gold, Beautiful

Shield of gold

Growth and Progress

One who is brilliant or shining

Highly intelligent

One who leads from the frond, A great leader

Smart and intelligent


One who is great follower of Allah

Shade, Shadow


Shadow, Light

Shadow, Beauty

One who is under the shelter of the Allah

A lion hearted and daring individual

One who is highly honored


Adornment, ornamentation

Decorated with ornaments


Name of a sahabiah.


The very best

The way best Proof

To very best, Full moon

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