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Sarrounded by happiness.


Old Arabic name




Lion, cheetah, tiger.

Enough, sufficient.

Kifayatulllah is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means contentment that comes from God, meaning that the person is a gift from God that makes one needless of other things.

Kifl is an Arabic name for boys that means fortune, luck. It also means example

Kinan is an Arabic name for boys that means covering, wrap, veil.

Kinani is an Arabic name for boys that means one who belongs to the Kinanah tribe, which is an Arabian tribe that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah upon him) belongs to.

Hidden Treasure.

A country, region.


Kings, Brilliant



A very high class women

Name of a pious woman who was a good speaker.

Daughter of Ahmad bin Ali al-Asiwatiyah was a righteous woman who had memorised the Quran; there were many other women of this name including a daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W) a daughter of Sayyidina Abu Bakar (R.A) etc.

Daughter of the Prophet

Clearness, purity

Hidden treasure.

Ibn Abi Muslim al-Hashami had this name.


Preserved, Strong.

Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). She will be in jannat al firdous.

Worthy, capable, deserving

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