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Azam is a Muslim Arabic baby boy name. Its meaning is "Greater, More Important, Most Pious, Most Exalted, Follower, Faithful".

Night breeze, Beautiful

Fresh , Sweet

Great, greater.

Determined, servant of the loving

Defender, referring to one of Gods ninety nine qualities

Winner, Scented


Most shining, luminous


Great, Good Friend

Great, Good thinker

Great name of Prophet's Companion


Powerful (dear)


Noble, affection

Respect, honor.

Azmat name meaning is Firm, Fixed/ Ali means Eminent, high, exalted, champion, noble

Determined, Melodious

Blue, name of a companion of the Prophet.

Blue Star

He was an authority on the history and geography of Makkah.

Increasing Happines

Determined, resolved.

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