Islamic Boy Baby Names: Meaningful Names and Their Meanings for Muslim Boys

Browse our extensive collection of unique and beautiful Muslim boy baby names. Discover a comprehensive list of names, ranging from traditional to modern choices. Whether you're looking for a name deeply rooted in Islamic heritage or seeking a name with a special meaning, we have options to inspire you. This pagination displays names 2451 to 2475 allowing you to explore a diverse range of possibilities and find the perfect name for your precious little one.

Success (granted by God), reconciliation

Believing in one God

"To trust in God"



One who is forgiving

One who is kind and benevolent

One who is the servent of Allah

Servant of God

Brave strong.


Facilitation (granted by God)


Good or delicate

Honor, Respect.

the concluding portion of the Muslim prayer

One who is blssed with good fortune

A narrator of hadith.


One who shines like a star


Price, Worth.

Fruit, Outcome.

Precious ,Valuable

Fruitful, productive

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