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A comprehensive list of unique and beautiful Muslim Boy Baby Names. Showing 1801 to 1825 of 1869 names

A Prophets name (Jacob)



Wealth, comfort, ease

YASIN, ALIF LAAM MEEM, HA MEEM AIN SEEN KAAF are all Huroof-e-Muqataat. Only Allah or His Prophet know the meaning of these haroof, but all these huroof are the most precious words for a muslim.

The two opening letters of Surah 36 in the Quran; one of the Prophets names


Former name of the city of Madinnah.


Od Arabic name

God will increase, enhance

God will increase, enhance

To increase (in power and influence); a Prophets name (Joseph)

The name of a freed salve of Zubair.

A Prophet's Name.

A Prophets name (Jonah)

God saves

Ease, Convenience.

Well to do, wealthy

A Prophets name (Joseph)

The leader.



Bright and shining.

Self denying, abstentious, ascetic

Bright, shining, flowery

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